Interior glass dividing walls and glass partitions

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Home > Custom made products>Custom made glass partitions

Custom made products>Custom made glass partitions

Custom made glass partitions

Glass dividing walls

Frameless glass partitions are an essential element of the architecture that gives our living space character and shape. Separate, shape, create privacy, beautify and bring the spirit of uniqueness to the space. They consist of individual glass panels which together form a continuous partition anchored between the narrow minimalist profiles in the floor and in the ceiling. The basis of the glass walls is a hardened safety glass that is 5 times stronger than ordinary soft glass.

Whether you are looking for a wall to divide open living space or dividing wall bars of modern offices, we are committed to helping you create efficient and innovative spaces with our unique glass solutions.

Glass partitions with plenty of design options are ideal for even the most demanding clients.

Celosklenená stena
Bezrámová sklenená stena kancelárie

Maximum daylight used

Clear lines, large uniform space and 100% light, are glass partitions with clear glass. A great choice for a modern workplace and a space where several people work together. The glass walls are also suitable for rest and relaxation in a private house. Wherever you want open space and light, but at the same time a barrier against drafts, noise, or odors, the glass wall is the number 1 alternative.

The focus and installation of glass walls is relatively fast for experienced assemblies. We deliver all components as part of a complete solution.

Places glass partitions are made for

You and your guests will surely be impressed by the elegant and lighted meeting room, conveniently located in the premises of your business. Or imagine a bathroom in your home, which is divided from the bedroom only by milk glass, where graceful silhouettes flutter. There is a lot of application of glass walls. Which one do you choose?

Private Buildings:
  • corridor - living room,
  • split bedroom and bathroom,
  • kitchen - living room,
  • entrance hall, vestibule,
  • wardrobe,
  • laundry room,
  • sauna,
  • pool areas.
Commercial Buildings:
  • offices,
  • meeting and meeting rooms,
  • corridor
  • kitchens,
  • business premises
  • historical monuments,
  • cultural facilities and sports fields
  • laboratories, ambulances and hospitals.
Bezrámová sklenená stena v podkroví | DOMO GLASS

Glass partition variants

Bezrámová sklenená stena kancelárie

Separate Open space with daylight

Separate the space and keep the light in the rooms. Large glass surfaces bring enough light to each floor and give the impression of open space. Frameless glass walls ensure optimum use of daylight and visually increase space. The ideal solid solution is without visible vertical profiles between the glass panels.

Exclusive industrial design

A great way to add a touch of industrial style to your space is through glass walls with a metal frame, mostly in black. Industrial style tends to be minimalist in design, but it is also very easy to recognize it.

Trend industrial glass partitions consist of thin glazed elements, divided into several sections by horizontal and vertical profiles, terminated by thin profiles that meet adjacent building elements. The glasses are interconnected to form a grid according to the desired dimensions

Rámové sklenené steny v industriálnom štýle

Innovative solutions and latest technology

Intelligent glass walls will attract attention, create privacy, serve as a screen with HD resolution, and replace blinds or curtains. Get to know the latest glass wall technology with intelligent PDLC film. Simply by using the ON-OFF button, you switch the glass from matt to clear within one second.

Sliding glass partitions

The solution for glazing wide building openings is to install a glass parking wall. Glass panels are interconnected and moved as one unit to the side. The glass wings are folded in accordion and can be stored perpendicular to the central axis or symmetrically overlapped. The choice is made by easy handling and safety.

Parkovacia sklenená stena ako súčasť rodinného domu | DOMO GLASS
Protipožiarna sklenená priečka kancelárie

Noise insulating glass partitions

Acoustic glass walls form a system of glass panels anchored in aluminum profiles. Sound-insulating glass walls are designed to build partition walls and divide open space into smaller units. Maximize light flow while maintaining minimal design, sleek looks and full flexibility.

The acoustic walls contain 2 distant layers of glass that absorb the spreading sounds from the surroundings. In this way, they create rooms with a high level of sound reduction of up to 48 dB and thus increase comfort at work, during meetings or during training.


  • Let out natural light  Optically open up the space • Offer great variability  Quick and clean installation Easy maintenance Slim design of elegant minimalistic Safety glass • Several systems, designs and sizes  Individual decorating, printing and blasting Long life
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