Sliding glass door KOLO with opal glass

Glass door with a rail hanging system of door on rollers creates a harmonic combination of glass and metal, which looks slim and modern. Opal glass is thanks to its elegant lines and unique look very popular both for modern and classic interiors. Glass door is a stylish accessory that creates the impression of open and lightsome spaces. 

Opal glass is popular due to a smooth but impressive look. 

glass safety glass ESG
apearance of glass opal glass
thickness of glass 8 mm
door height 215 cm
for height of door opening 200 cm
door width 66/76/86 cm (as specified by door opening)
for width of door opening 60/70/80 cm (optional below)
door orientation left/right (optional below)
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Glass of the sliding door divides spaces by a semi-transparent barrier, so you have everything in the next room under control. The door will create a barrier against air draught, odours, noise or your pets. If you are an enthusiast of modern design with abundance of light, you have just found an ideal interior door. Metal fittings provide for smooth and quiet running. Hinged door set into construction aperture with a side hinge is made of safety hardened glass ESG in accordance with the EN standard. Whole-glass doer does not stand out from the aperture.

Glass is 8mm thick. This glass is 4-5 times stronger than usual glass, so it is extremely endurable. The installation is undemanding, we designed the door so that it can be installed by any handy craftsman with  a little help of a video guide. If you don’t want to install the door yourself, we offer you our services of professional assembly.

Technical specification

glass safety glass ESG
apearance of glass opal glass
thickness of glass 8 mm
door height 2150 mm
height of door opening 2000 mm
door width 660/760/860 mm (as specified by door opening)
width of door opening 600/700/800 mm (as specified)
door orientation left/right (as specified)
weight of glass 28,5/33/37 kg (as specified)
edges polished
guide rail stainless steel
handle mussel, stainless steel
wall material concrete, brick, wood, plasterboard with timbering
usage interior

Výkres posuvných sklenených dverí KOLO


Data sheet

Druh skla
Bezpečnostné sklo ESG
860x2150 mm
Vhodnosť použitia
Otváranie dverí
Door types
Sliding glass door KOLO with a rail system
Appearance of glass
opal glass

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