Custom made doors

Vyrábame dvere zo skla od roku 1999. Sklenené dvere na mieru vám otvoria a opticky zväčšia priestor a prinesú svetlo do interiéru. Posuvné sklenené dvere šetria priestor. Otočné dvere sa hodia na miesta s častým otváraním. Naviac industriálne dvere sú skvelý spôsob, ako sa obklopiť nádychom priemyselného dizajnu. Od interiérových dverí, až po veľké dvojkrídlové sklenené dvere na mieru.

  • Bespoke Interior Glass Door

    Open up to new possibilities. Glass doors form a practical barrier against drafts, noise or odors. Tailor-made, they represent the highest level of luxury and design.

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  • Sliding glass doors

    Let the light into the room and feel a touch of elegance. Sliding glass doors will enhance the character of your interior, bring style to it, overheat and enliven it with natural light.

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  • Smart glass

    Get attention. Electrically dimmable glass creates privacy in seconds. Glass with PDLC foil serves as a projection screen with HD resolution.

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  • Hinged glass doors

    Opening glass door opens up and visually enlarges the space. Even in a place with frequent movement of people. Modern interior doors bring light and style inside.

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  • Industrial glass doors

    Surround yourself in an industrial style. It is also quiet in every building opening. We make steel frame doors to measure according to your taste or the architect's author's design. Personally for us with our own manuscript.

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  • Double-leaf frameless glass door

    Open up to new possibilities even in wider construction openings. Use and let in as much light as possible with double-leaf glass doors. Through revolving or sliding interior doors. They are suitable for places where you want to have an open and bright space. They form a practical barrier against drafts, noise or odors.

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