Shelters and pergolas

If you want to have nature at your fingertips and at the same time enjoy the comfort of the terrace, you need a glass conservatory. Thanks to the different sizes and styles, our shelters and pergolas are made to measure and designed for the needs of each of you. Whether the foundation will be a steel structure or the pergola will be covered with glass on wooden beams. We make shelters for you personally and turn your outdoor space into a place full of well-being.

  • Glass sheds and glass roof

    Create a perfect view of the night sky and stay in close contact with the surroundings. Safe protected by glass from the rain. The glass sheds and the roof of the terrace will create a sun-drenched airspace. Tailored for you.

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  • Bioclimatic pergolas

    Perfektné riešenie pre reguláciu svetla a tieňa na terase. Poskytnú vám maximálny komfort počas horúcich letných dní, aj v daždi.

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  • Glass canopies and glass shelters

    Create the perfect roof over the entrance to the building and stay protected from the rain.

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  • Winter gardens and glass terraces

    A light-filled air space where warm air rises and ventilates even in the greatest heat. On the other hand, the winter garden will protect and warm you from the weather, even in locations with increased snow, from stronger winds.

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