Room and space division

Get rid of the cramps with frameless glass partitions, which will take care of the division of the room. It will be divided into independent zones, although the interior still remains one. In places with a rich history, it makes sense to nod the past with glass partitions in an industrial style.

Zoning has become one of the most popular ways to share space in one room. This approach to the division of functional zones allows you to maximize the use of work and living space. With the partitions with glass, you will get rid of tightness and visually enlarge your living space.

Glass screens will take care of dividing the outdoor space, for example between terraces and balconies.

  • Frameless glass partitions

    Separate the space with a design barrier while maintaining light in the rooms. It gives space shape and character, maintains its continuity, lets it breathe and communicate. The light can pass freely, bottom, out and back again.

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  • Sliding glass partitions

    Folding walls are the ideal solution for wide construction openings when you want to be open to new possibilities of using space.

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  • Smart glass

    Get attention. Electrically dimmable glass creates privacy in seconds. Glass with PDLC foil serves as a projection screen with HD resolution.

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  • Industrial glass partitions

    Furnish in style in an industrial style. Glass walls with a metal frame in anthracite color are in a way exceptional in the raw nudity of the frame. Therefore, the industrial style is very easy to recognize.

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  • Glass shopfront

    Show customers the goods in a new light. The glass facades of the shops attract attention and present the unloaded goods according to your ideas.

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  • Acoustic glass partitions

    Acoustic partitions for more privacy and discretion. They reduce the spread of noise and sounds. Towards the bottom, out of the room. So that you can pursue your interests without interruption. After all, the walls also have ears.

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  • Glass enclosure

    Glass screen can take the form of a glass partition in the office, dividing the wall in the apartment. It can take the form of glass tiles in the kitchen, as well as a screen or shower screen in the bathroom. However, all forms are combined with enough privacy and the maximum light that it can combine.

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  • Glass Partition style balustrades

    Design barrier between floors. When using a space where a glass partition is part of the staircase as a railing, it will provide more comfort, as well as greater security and a sense of security.

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  • Customer service windows

    Glass barriers in the form of an interior partition protect you. Client and information centers equip hundreds of customers every day. The protective glass will help to make workers feel safe, even if they are in direct contact with others.

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  • Glass paravan

    Are you looking for an elegant barrier to communication or more privacy on the terrace, in the shower or in the office? Glass screens should dominate you. For a feeling of greater privacy and security after redistribution of space.

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