Interior Glass Systems

Glass in the interior brings all the advantages of glass to the rooms: transparency, daylight, versatility, efficiency and space saving. We design, manufacture and install glass systems according to your requirements.

  • Glassboards

    Are you ready to shine? Glass magnetic boards bring a new perspective on the presentation and organization of the team as well as the planning of activities. Thanks to the perfectly smooth surface with exceptional hardness, the pigment from the markers will not soak into the surface of the board and old notes will not distract you anymore.

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  • Glass information plates

    Inform modernly with elegant info signs on the wall. They are engaging and decent at the same time, so as to raise the overall impression of navigation in space to a new level.

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  • Glass showcases

    Make the content stand out. Glass showcases protect exhibits and objects of high material, utility, historical and cultural value.

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  • Glass pictures

    Get ahead of time and enliven the space with your private glass art gallery.

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  • Glass shower enclosure

    Enlarge and illuminate the space of your bathroom in style. Exclusive glazed shower enclosures made to measure, without seals, are an elegant solution that will brighten up and visually enlarge your bathroom.

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  • Glass furniture

    Enhance the look of the whole room with simplicity and minimalism

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