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Home > Custom made products>Glass shower enclosure

Custom made products>Glass shower enclosure

Glass shower enclosure

Essential part of bathroom

Shower boxes have made their breakthrough in last few years as an important part of bathrooms. They are not only beautiful and practical, but can also be very stylish.

Custom made products

Designs can be strictly minimalistic or of more traditional style, and they can be perfectly combined with different types of furniture. No mater if you choose a corner shower box, shower unit in the attic or next to the bathtub – there is no limit for the fantasy of our designer.

Open space

Shower units are a space saving solution, they are easy to keep, and protect rest of the room from water. Glass shower boxes are advisable if you need to brighten the space keep it optically undivided. There are endless options, consult our technicians and find the right model for your bathroom.

Fitting into any space

Elegant glass shower enclosures are part of a modern bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, glass shower unit is a suitable solution, as it doesn’t split space optically. Another possibility to achieve the look of luxury and use the space to maximum is when you don’t install the whole shower box but chose only one glass wall, dividing the shower from the rest of bathroom.

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Types of glass shower enclosures

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type 1

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type 2

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type 3

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type 4

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type 5

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type 6

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type 7

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type 8

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type 9

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type 10


type of glass:tempered ESG safety glass, laminated safety glass ESG/VSG
thickness:6, 8 mm
glass colors:standard float glass, extra clear glass



stainless steel, imitation of stainless steel, anodized aluminum

quality:premium, economical

For custom-made production

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