Metalworking and locksmith workshop specializing in constructions

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Home > Custom made products>Metalworking and locksmith workshop

Custom made products>Metalworking and locksmith workshop

Metalworking and locksmith workshop

Custom made locksmith work

For locksmithing and assembly of components, we use appropriate technology and technology to achieve satisfaction with the overall result. Hidden welds on structures without visible joints, TIG welding directly on site. Exclusive space requires the right level of luxury even with all elements used.

Zváranie oceľovej konštrukcie | DOMO GLASS
Hladenie a povrchová úprava oceľovej konštrukcie | DOMO GLASS

Metalworking in our workshop

Our experts with years of experience in metalworking and welding work to take care of precision work with an emphasis on precision. Dexterity and professional qualifications are key features on which we build steel structures. In addition to the flat glass manufacturing plant, we have our own locksmith workshop equipped with a professional metalworking equipment.

Use of structures from our production in construction


2. shelters and roofing


4. railingS

5. Staircases and landings



Oceľová konštrukcia markízy na mieru | DOMO GLASS

Steel construction with mounting

Part of the complete service is also the assembly of steel structures with long life and permanent properties, technically adapted to the requirements of the designer, architect or the customer.

We produce individual components directly in our workshop. Should the structure be made of smoothly drawn profiles or of classic cylindrical profiles? Is it a requirement to get sharp edges on a thin-walled profile or a rounded line? We will discuss the implementation options together and find the best solutions together.

After selecting the appropriate materials and coloring of the individual components, we continue to create a 3D model of the CAD construction before the production process begins.

Model schodiska s oceľovou konštrukciou | DOMO GLASS
Lakovanie oceľového zábradlia schodiska na mieru | DOMO GLASS

Production and assembly with kid gloves

During the production and assembly itself we pay attention to the precision and precision of the processing. Often we use thin materials of 5 mm thick with a large surface area, which are very susceptible to minor damage, so we adapt appropriate manufacturing processes. With such a large area, even small dents and inequalities could spoil the overall impression of quality work.

We paint individual elements in our workshop or after assembly directly on the site. For this purpose, we are technologically equipped with a device that pushes the paint through the piston, with pressure, not with air, as is common in painting. Color goes straight in one direction and creates a continuous layer.


Execution with individual requirements • Stable and long-term solution • High precision • Easy maintenance • Manufactured by experts in our own locksmith production areas • Custom design • Steel construction with assembly • Custom static assessment


For custom-made production

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