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A different white board

Glassboards have brought revolution in design of dry erase boards. They are opening a new view of your presentations and your organisation. The uniqueness of glass boards does not only rest on their exceptional modern design with minimalistic look, shine and graceful lines, but above all their functionality. Your clients will never again be distracted by notes’ remnants from previous presentations. Only due to perfectly glossy surface with exceptional hardness the pigment from markers will never again permeate into board. They are made from hardened safety glass, which is 4-5 times stronger than ordinary glass, and so they have very long service life.

Don’t limit yourself

We offer a wide variety of standard sizes and shapes to choose. Still not exactly what you want? No problem! Our glass design team is always at your disposal to help with selection of the right size and shape. Change your workplace using a specific element, so that it is as unique as you.

Design fitted to your image

Adapt colours of your glass board exactly as it suits to you best. When opting for colour, you can choose any shade from our colour chart. You can make it special by adding e.g. Your own logo, selected text or plate. A thin glass board with clean, sharp style represents minimalism, simplicity and functionality.

glassboard - sklenené tabule

Magnetic glass

Do you like to stick messages on the board? Choose a glass board with magnetic surface. Magnetic glass is the biggest trend in glass boards.

margnetické sklo

Types of glassboards

kryté uchytenie

hidden fixing

uchytenie na terčoch

on targets






type 5


type of glass:tempered safety glass
thickness:4, 6, 8 mm
glass colors:standard glass or extra clear glass with color scale RAL 
maximum dimension:

3200 x 2000 mm



stainless steel, imitation of stainless steel

hidden fixing:special hinge at the rear of glass

For custom-made production

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