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Cenová ponuka
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Custom made products>Glass pictures

Glass pictures

Glass picture

It is really a kind of art to keep pace with the modern design. You’re walking along the corridors of galleries and thinking about what you would take home with you. Nevertheless, can’t find anything that would correspond with your vision. And your home can be as unique as you are.

With glass pictures not only will go ahead of your time but also perfectly inspirit the space where you feel good. So why don’t you make it into your private art gallery.

The best design of patterns

It’s time to take out of the boxes the best of your old artistic photographs and find a respectable place on an empty wall. Or you can choose from our gallery of trendy patterns which were chosen by our designers.

sklenený obraz

Glass is the groundwork

Frosted glass

Gently penetrating colours and structure of the base material fit into one another as the still life in a canvas by Picasso. Satin look allows you only see as much as desirable in order to keep the overall feeling of delicacy. The most popular glass with our customers will freshen any interior.

  • no gleam
  • no reflections
  • fitted on patches
  • harmonic design
matné sklo

Clear glass

Glass in its clearest form speaks about its owners’ honesty and inner beauty. Your personality should also be reflected in your home, as the personality of Jackson Pollock reflected in his pictures. So let your thoughts be free.

  • for white or pale base
  • for designer creations
číre sklo

Non-transparent glass

In order to bring all details out, a white filling varnish is applied from behind. That’s the only way to achieve sharpness and bright style, just as Andy Warhol himself would do it. Choose the best photograph, and when something is presented as art and you say it is “art”, then so it is. Trust yourself.

  • family pictures
  • artistic photograph
  • unique moment
nepriehľadné sklo

Types of pictures

So skrytým uchytením

hidden fixing

Uchytenie na terčoch

on targets

Mini dizajnové zostavy

mini design sets

Priestorové na stojane

spatial on stand




type of glass:tempered safety glass
thickness:4, 5, 6, 8 mm
glass colors:standard float glass, extra clear glass
maximum dimension

3200 x 2000 mm

appearance of glass

clear, satin, opaque



stainless steel, imitation of stainless steel, anodized aluminum

hidden fixation:special hinge at the rear of glass

For custom-made production

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