Frame glass partitions in industrial style

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Home > Špeciálne aplikácie>Industrial glass partitions

Špeciálne aplikácie>Industrial glass partitions

Industrial glass partitions

A great way to add a touch of industrial style to your space is with glass walls with a metal frame, ideally in black. Industrial style tends to be minimalist in design, but it is also very easy to recognize it.

Exclusive industrial design

Are you housed in an older industrial building, historic center or in a modern new building? The industrial style instantly adds something special and unmistakable to the interior.

Industrial-style glass partitions consist of thin glazed elements, divided into several sections by horizontal and vertical profiles, terminated by thin profiles that meet adjacent building elements. The glasses are connected to each other by transparent tape and the profiles are placed in a grid according to the required dimensions.

Frame glass walls vs. imitation of frame systems

Customized frame dividers with regard to design manual. The dividers can be in different finishes. With regard to the specific requirements and design, frame glass walls or imitation can be applied by sticking special profiles to a frameless glass wall composed of a single glass panel. Popular anthracite and black colors create a stylish contrast with transparent glass.

Rámové sklenené dvere v modernom priemyselnom štýle | DOMO GLASS

Rámové sklenené steny v industriálnom štýle | DOMO GLASS

Frame design and color

We create custom-made glass doors with respect to your own design or architect's design. Handles, hinges and manifolds can be in different finishes. The base is steel.

The placement of different types of glass doors is no problem. The glass door leaf can be both open and sliding. Our design offers a flexible system in an exclusive industrial style that can be tailored to meet the most demanding requirements and requirements. The design of the glass door can be formed by different number of dividing bars, eventually in an atypical arrangement. Popular colors are anthracite and black, creating a stylish contrast with transparent glass.

Frame partitions can also be combined with pivot doors, which are an innovative solution.

Craftsmanship and locksmiths work

Metals such as copper and steel are an essential part of industrial design. We produce custom-made glass glass doors according to customer requirements. Our philosophy combines craftsmanship, modern technology, expertise and design feel that we transform into luxurious glass doors that we install on your own.

Výroba sklenených dverí s oceľovým rámom na mieru | DOMO GLASS
Dizajnové industriálne presklené dvere kancelárie | DOMO GLASS

Technical achievements of industrial style

Architecturally, the industrial style consists mainly of high ceilings, so the walls and doors are adapted to these dimensions. They are made of 5-12 mm glass with steel frame. The maximum height is normally up to 4500 mm, depending on the space to be installed. The frame glass wall has acoustic values ​​that reduce noise up to 50 dB and is also available with fire glass.


Modern minimalist design • Customizable customized system • Eliminates sound propagation acoustics • Several designs and profile sizes • Different ways of door placement • Easy maintenance • Safety glass


Typ skla:mäkké sklo, kalené bezpečnostné sklo ESG
Šírka profilov:27 - 57 mm
Hodnota zvuku:35 - 50 dB
Hrúbka skla:5 - 12 mm
Farebnosť skla:číre sklo, extra číre sklo
Bezpečnostná trieda:1B1
Spôsoby dekorovania:vzorové pieskovanie, digitálna potlač


Povrchová úprava:eloxovaný hliník, farebná škála RAL – práškovaný hliník
Kvalita:prémiová rada, ekonomická rada

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