Frameless glass partitions

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Home > Custom made products>Frameless glass partitions
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Home > Custom made products>Frameless glass partitions

Custom made products>Frameless glass partitions

Frameless glass partitions

Glass walls and divisions partitions

A glass partition is a timeless element of design, merging minimalism, functionality and elegance. It is becoming an inseparable constituent of modern architecture. It gives shape and character to the space, keeps it in coherence, makes it breathe and communicate. Light can get across freely in and out and back. We often underestimate walls, but they are part of our home. That’s why we should choose them with the attention they deserve.

Privacy and light

Privacy and maximum of light? It can be fit together!
Your clients will certainly be impressed by an elegant and lightsome meeting room, properly situated within the premises of your company. Or imagine a bathroom only separated from your bedroom by opal glass, with graceful silhouettes flashing on it.

Space and light

Clean style, large unified space with a view, and 100% of light, that is what glass partions with clear glass give you. Great alternative for a modern workplace and into spaces where more people work together. Glass walls of this kind also fit into relaxing areas in the privacy of your home. Wherever you want to create an open space and light, but at the same time a barrier from draught, odours or noise, a glass wall is No. 1 alternative.

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