Glass partitions, folding and sliding glass walls

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Home > Špeciálne aplikácie>Sliding glass partitions

Špeciálne aplikácie>Sliding glass partitions

Sliding glass partitions

The solution for glazing wide building openings is to assemble a folding wall. Glass panels are interconnected and moved as one unit to the side. The glass wings are folded in accordion and can be stored perpendicular to the central axis or symmetrically overlapped. The choice is easy handling and safety.

Innovative solution

Parking walls use innovative folding sliding system with guide rail for smooth and silent movement of glass panels. The walls feature an elegant look and inconspicuous modern design. Unique product for residential and office buildings.

Skladacia sklenená stena v zasadacej miestnosti | DOMO GLASS
Detail parkoviska parkovacej steny | DOMO GLASS

Parking glass walls with parking

The most commonly used parking sliding walls are with parking without a lower guide rail. The folding of glass panels is solved by the accordion to the collection point - the so-called. parking, which can even be placed in a separate space behind the wall. Their advantage is modularity and flexibility. Systems can be combined with revolving panels or backlights.

The principle of sliding-folding walls lies in the interconnection of panels with hinges, which allows one unit to move when opened and closed. As a result, there is no need for parking to store glass panels as is the case with standard sliding systems. The basis for most systems is a floor guide rail.

The use of sliding partitions

The all-glass sliding door system with parking space can be used in shopping centers, outlets, exhibition halls and warehouses. Suitable solution for interior shells as well as protection from wind and weather. The folding wall provides an elegant and effective solution not only for administrative premises, restaurants, but also for modern interior design of apartments and houses with terraces and conservatories.

Parkovacia sklenená stena zimnej záhrady | DOMO GLASS
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