Glazed soundproofing systems with acoustic panel

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Home > Špeciálne aplikácie>Acoustic glass partitions

Špeciálne aplikácie>Acoustic glass partitions

Acoustic glass partitions

Elegant glass partition with excellent sound insulation

Acoustic glass walls form a system of glass panels anchored in aluminum profiles. Sound-insulating glass walls are designed to build partition walls and divide open space into smaller units. Maximize light flow while maintaining minimal design, sleek looks and full flexibility.

The acoustic walls contain 2 distant layers of glass that absorb sound. In this way, they create rooms with a high level of sound reduction and thus increase comfort at work, during meetings or during training.


39 - 48 dB


84 mm





Celosklenené protihluková stena
Sklenená akutické priečka kancelárie

Minimalistic design

The individual layers of glass panels are finished with slim aluminum profiles. Perfect vertical bonding between glass partitions is achieved by using a silicone strip that provides free access to natural light without disturbing connections.

Sound insulation

The sound reduction value depends on the glass used. By using standard tempered glass you get a sound reduction of about 45 dB. Maximum sound insulation properties can be obtained by using special glass and construction.

Akustická sklenená stena

Excellent acoustic efficiency up to 48 dB

Airborne sound insulation depends on the glazing used and the way the structure is mounted. The distance between the two glazing panels ensures a high level of sound reduction, thus improving the working environment. Better acoustic properties have packets of glasses of different thickness (less susceptible to resonation). Soundproofing can be improved by using bonded glass using a special acoustic film.

Detail profilu zvukovo-izolačných sklenených stien
Detail nadpájania profilov akustickej sklenenej steny
Detail uchytenia dverí zvukovo-izolačnej sklenenej steny
Detail prichytenia akustických sklenených stien do pevného panelu


Eliminates sound propagation acoustics • Standalone modules • Several soundproof door designs and sizes • Specially designed, stable aluminum door frame system • Many different glass types and partition thicknesses • Effective bonding method • Installation of shielding technology with manual and electrical drive • Individual printing option and Glass Blasting • Easy Maintenance • Safety Glass • Wiring Option

Impact resistancehigh, class 4b
Acoustic insulation39 - 48 dB
Fire propagation classificationto PN-90 / B-02867
Visible width38 mm
Profile thickness84 mm
Glass partition thickness6 - 13 mm
Maximum construction height3700 mm

For custom-made production

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