Customized winter gardens, pergolas and glass shelters

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Home > Špeciálne aplikácie>Winter gardens, pergolas and glass shelters
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Home > Špeciálne aplikácie>Winter gardens, pergolas and glass shelters

Špeciálne aplikácie>Winter gardens, pergolas and glass shelters

Winter gardens, pergolas and glass shelters

If you want to have nature around you while enjoying the comfort of home, you need a glass winter garden. Family encounters over the winter and on the terrace? Its easy. The airspace is sunlit.

Glass selection

  • Glass thicknesses are used as standard 6.6. or 8.8 .. Depends on weather conditions or spacing between structural beams.
  • We distinguish roof and side glass.
  • VSG laminated glass or ESG / VSG tempered laminated glass is used.
  • Our winter gardens have frameless systems, they're not insulating glass!
  • They act as a barrier and serve as a windshield.
  • A closed space is created with regard to space overflow. Warm air rises and ventilation is ensured.
Zimná záhrada s posuvnými dverami | DOMO GLASS

The appropriate choice of glass depends on the requirements of openness of vision.

Clear glass

It consists mostly of side glass walls of winter gardens. Creates an open view without obstacles. Interlocking or sliding doors provide connection to the surroundings. Parking walls open the entire space. When glazing with clear glass, we recommend the use of a shielding technique.

Zimná záhrada s parkovacími stenami | DOMO GLASS

Milk glass

Shadows and protects the room from direct sunlight. He releases enough light but at the same time dampens him. There is no need to consider additional shielding.

Sklenený prístrešok s drevenou konštrukciou | DOMO GLASS

Glass attachment

The pergolas, winter gardens and glass shelters can be anchored to a wooden, steel or stainless steel supporting structure or to a steel-stainless steel combination.
We provide the entire implementation process from design to assembly with regard to design, statics and security solutions.

Detail skleneného prístrešku s odkvapom | DOMO GLASS
Detail oceľovej konštrukcie skleného prístrešku | DOMO GLASS
Detail kotvenia skleneného prístrešku s oceľovou konštrukciou | DOMO GLASS

For custom-made production

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