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Home > Custom made products>Glass canopies and glass shelters
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Home > Custom made products>Glass canopies and glass shelters

Custom made products>Glass canopies and glass shelters

Glass canopies and glass shelters

Entrance with nobleness

Marquises over the entrance are a basic element in front face design and influence the impression of the whole building. Glass can in a minimalist way merge with the design of historic buildings, or create a very original, modern look with new buildings.

Quality and functionality

A glass canopy protects the building’s entrance from atmospheric effects. We adapt marquises to local climatic conditions, so that they even in locations with excessive snowfalls are safe and serve their purpose.

It can be mounted at any time

It is good to consider marquise application when you are designing the house, but if you already have everything done, we have a technological solution for you on how to install a marquise into the insulation without damaging and causing heat leakage.

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