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Home > Custom made products>Walk-on glass and glass stairs
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Home > Custom made products>Walk-on glass and glass stairs

Custom made products>Walk-on glass and glass stairs

Walk-on glass and glass stairs

“Walk-on” glass and glass staircase

If you have been hesitant so far whether glass should be used as a floor, now you needn’t be any more. We will tell you a few tricks after which you won’t hesitate.

  • Brightening the space between the floors
  • Enlargement of space
  • Modern staircase
  • Spatial experience

100% safe

Walk-on glass is layered of 3 or more glass panes. Between them are placed EVA or PVB strength interlayers. In the event of any kind of damage or breaking, plastic film keeps the damaged glass together and protects you until replaced.

Safety levels:

  • Standard safety: With low density of occupancy - private houses
  • Higher safety: With high density of occupancy - public buildings and structures for special applications with bigger depth of inbreak
pochôdzne sklo

Glass is the groundwork

Clear glass

You will open the space with an invisible barrier, and always keep your kitchen, dining room or hall under control.

číre sklo

Opal glass and matted glass

Brightened spaces and at the same time maximum of privacy in your bedroom, bathroom or office.

mliečne sklo

Decorated glass

  • Stained glass
  • With digital glass-print
  • With pattern sandblasting
  • Different insertion materials
Dekorované sklo

“Walk-on” glass types





pochôdzne svetlíky

“Walk-on” skylights

točité schody

spiral staircase

vysuté dosky - výhliadky


lávky a premostenia

catwalks and bridges

Our production

We possess the latest CNC machines which can process any shape of glass with the highest precision.

Only that enables us to provide you with perfect:

  • Right angle shapes
  • Circular and elliptical shapes
  • Atypical shapes
  • Inner cut-outs and holes

Various types of fixtures

To mount glass is in this event much easier than it looks. It can be anchored into any type of standard bearing constructions or combinations.

Following are the ways hot to anchor glass:

  • Placing in frames on all sides of glass
  • Placing in a bed on two opposite sides of glass
  • Spot anchoring of glass


type of glass:tempered ESG safety glass, laminated safety glass ESG/VSG
thickness:10, 12 mm
glass colors:standard glass, extra clear glass
decorating methods:

sandblasting patterns, digital printing, interlayer color filters, interlayer coating to RAL



stainless steel, imitation of stainless steel, anodized aluminum, color of RAL chart - powder-coated aluminum

quality:premium, economical

For custom-made production

+421 915 829 254