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Home > Custom made products>Kitchen glass splashbacks

Custom made products>Kitchen glass splashbacks

Kitchen glass splashbacks

Make your kitchen a real culinary masterpiece

The smell of morning coffee, champagne, Sunday lunch, potato mash, children’s laughter, pieces of puréed apple. Truly, loads of things flash past you in a kitchen. In order to be able to spend more time with cooking than cleaning, try placing glass in your kitchen, or, put it in a better way, a kitchen backsplash glass.

Glass backplashes have no joints where food leftovers could get stuck and bacteria germs could start spreading. Due to glossy surfaces, keeping the surface clean is really easy. Another indisputable advantage is that glass backsplash looks even after years like a new one, and it keeps the modern style.

Why should you choose a kitchen backsplash or glass facing

  • Perfect hardness
  • Water resistance
  • Simple maintenance
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Resistance to UV radiation
  • Non-absorbing material
sklenené kuchynské zásteny

Decoration types of glass facing

Vanish-coated glass


Clean and monolithic surface is an embodiment of modern design which you can take home with you. The advantage is that it looks new and modern even after several years. You can supplement glass facing aptly and naturally by various elements. Imagine for example a glass door with opal glass and clean design, the beauty of minimalism is endless. Colours of particular kitchen backsplash glasses and facings.

Lakované sklo

Glass with graphics


Get inspired by artworks of our graphic designers and bring life, colourfulness and fresh breeze in your kitchen. You can completely leave on us creating original image. Before you decide to buy anything, we will create graphic design for you on what will the artwork look like directly in your kitchen. We don’t use any clingfilms for glass-printing, we print directly on glass. That means guarantee of resistance to heat and moisture. And, over all, the glass print is protected by protective varnish.

Sklo s grafikou

Types of backsplash

Lineárna zástena


Rohová zástena


Atypické zásteny


Zásteny za varné panely

behind the hob


type of glass:tempered safety glass (extra strong)
thickness:4, 5, 6 mm
glass colors:extra clear glass
maximum dimension:

3200 x 1600 mm

decorating methods:

direct digital printing, painting according to RAL chart, laminating


glueing:mamut glue crystal

For custom-made production

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