Beskope steel and stainless steel constructions

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Home > Custom made products>Bespoke steel constructions

Custom made products>Bespoke steel constructions

Bespoke steel constructions

Design, design, manufacture and assembly of custom steel structures

We are engaged in the production of steel and stainless steel structures for public and private spaces, mainly with specialization and use in construction.
The design is based on the desired location and possible way of attaching the structure. All these parameters affect the dimensions and appearance of the auxiliary steel structure.
Thanks to technical and technical background we produce various additional constructions.
Of course, comprehensive service is their professional assembly and technical documentation.
Thanks to our many years of experience with an emphasis on quality of work, we meet the most demanding requirements of our customers and partners.
The result of our work is an exceptional combination of steel and glass.

Kombinovaná oceľová konštrukcia prístrešku so sklom | DOMO GLASS
Sklenená markíza s oceľovou konštrukciou | DOMO GLASS

Metal construction of awnings, shelters, conservatories and roofing

They fulfill a functional and aesthetic function mainly in terms of shielding and protecting the space from external influences.
Depending on the location and type of object, we choose how to anchor the object. Attachment of the canopy can be directly into the structure, into the wall of the building by means of anchoring brackets or as a self-supporting shelter.
We use mechanical treatment structures with surface zinc coating or paint. We will also produce stainless steel brackets that best withstand weather conditions.
For overlap we use safety laminated glass of various thicknesses.

Steel railing structures

We design and manufacture the railing supporting structure according to the aesthetic and functional requirements of the customer in a wide range of material and shape designs.
Most often we use steel closed profiles of circular or square cross-section.
For aesthetic reasons, handrails made of stainless steel are currently very popular.

Nerezové zábradlie schodiska v kombinácií so sklom | DOMO GLASS
Konštrukcia lávky s pochôzdnym sklom a skleneným zábradlím | DOMO GLASS

Construction of staircases, walkways and additional iron structures

The supporting structure can consist of a steel or stainless steel structure or a combination of steel and stainless steel.
We design and manufacture the type and appearance according to the customer's requirements with regard to the aesthetic and functional requirements of the construction in the space.


Design with individual requirements • Stable and long-term solution • High precision • Easy maintenance • Manufactured by experts in our own locksmith production areas • Custom design • Supplied with assembly • Custom static test


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