Glass lift shafts and glass cladding of elevators

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Home > Špeciálne aplikácie>Glass lift shafts

Špeciálne aplikácie>Glass lift shafts

Glass lift shafts

The modern and aesthetic part of the lifts is now, but also in the future, glass. One of the advantages is panoramic views and an unforgettable lift experience. To preserve and acknowledge the metal structure of an elevator, which is often a distinctive feature in architecture, glass is used both inside and outside.

Glass lift shafts design

The glass elevator dominates the building. It is designed with an emphasis on the appropriate use of space. By default, clear glass is used to clad elevator shafts. The possibility of their decoration is sandblasting or digital printing. For example, we create imitation stained glass. The design effect is achieved by inserting the printed film between the glass or by covering the glass with a colored film. It remains transparent, but with a color effect.

Skica preskleného výťahu | DOMO GLASS

Glass appearance and properties

VSG laminated glass or ESG / VSG tempered laminated glass are used as standard. The thickness of the glass depends on the span of the structure, the type of anchorage and the specific requirements. Usually used 5.5. or 6.6. The board is secured with a sheet and a second glass. If the glass is damaged, there is no risk of falling from a height.

Detail vrstveného skla vo výrobe | DOMO GLASS
Detail kotvenia skiel pri presklení výťahovej šachty | DOMO GLASS

Method of attachment and anchoring

The glass is anchored to an existing wall or to a steel lift structure or to its own glass structure. Glass is self-supporting, but only to a certain height. Separately, the rear and front parts are attached, or the elevator shaft is formed as an entire peripheral frameless structure. Glasses are normally captured through stainless steel targets.

Standards and tests

  • Implementation of a glazed elevator shaft requires certification by the Measurement and Safety Authority.
  • The applicable regulations for lifts are specified in ČSN EN 81.
  • Standards for laminated glass of lift shafts are defined in EN ISO 12543-2.


glass type:

safety glass ESG, laminated safety glass ESG / VSG


10, 12 mm

glass color:

standard clear glass, extra clear glass

decorating methods:

pattern sandblasting, digital printing, interlayer color filters, RAL interlayer coating


surface treatment:

stainless steel, imitation stainless steel, anodized aluminum, RAL color range - powdered aluminum


premium, economic fittings


For custom-made production

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