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Home > Špeciálne aplikácie>Advertising all-glass constructions
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Home > Špeciálne aplikácie>Advertising all-glass constructions

Špeciálne aplikácie>Advertising all-glass constructions

Advertising all-glass constructions

Discover the beauty of contrasts by combining glass, light and space. Safe and yet modern advertising spaces. Lighting and heating possible.

Design solutions

The basis is a lockable steel construction made to measure, lined with transparent safety glass from all sides. The structure can be mounted on solid foundations with the possibility of adaptation to the substrate. For better visibility of the exhibited items, it is also possible to tilt, balance and level. The alternative is mobile glass showcases.

Celosklenená konštrukcia na Donovaloch | DOMO GLASS

Color of glass

The basis is ESG safety glass or ESG / VSG laminated safety glass. Clear glass is mainly used as standard. In the case of specific requirements, color-coated transparent glass is also used. In combination with the appropriate color scheme of the construction, it will satisfy even the most demanding clients. Security laminated glass contributes to increased protection of property. They filter most of the UV radiation. They also provide a protective function against fading of objects that are permanently exposed to direct sunlight.

Celosklenená konštrukcia na Donovaloch - detail otvárania | DOMO GLASS
Celosklenená konštrukcia s nočným podsvietením | DOMO GLASS

Accessories for all-glass construction

By installing lighting, you will be able to see the exposed objects even during the night and in bad weather. Especially in winter, it is advisable to use the interior heating of the structure. You can also increase the protection of content in glass boxes by installing an alarm.


typ skla:kalené bezpečnostné sklo ESG, vrstvené bezpečnostné sklo ESG/VSG
hrúbka:8, 10, 12 mm
farebnosť skla:číre sklo, extra číre sklo
spôsoby dekorovania:vzorové pieskovanie, digitálna potlač, farebné filtre v medzivrstve, lakovanie podľa RAL v medzivrstve


povrchová úprava:nerez, imitácia nereze, eloxovaný hliník, farebná škála RAL – práškovaný hliník

For custom-made production

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