sklenená tabuľa- glassboard, biela
  • sklenená tabuľa- glassboard, biela
  • sklenená tabuľa- glassboard, biela
  • sklenená tabuľa- glassboard, biela
  • sklenená tabuľa- glassboard, biela
  • sklenená tabuľa- glassboard, biela
  • sklenená tabuľa- glassboard, biela

Light blue magnetic glassboard 100x100 cm

Glass board is a new standard in visual communication and represents a modern solution of presentations. Beautifully glossy surface of coloured and hardened glass allows easy and fluent writing, followed by simple cleaning of the surface without spots. Hidden mounting of the frame-less board and its clean style are an excellent choice for your office, conference room or even household.

Glassboard is easy to assemble, without visible bolts and patches. It will suitably uplift the impression of your interiors and inspirit the room. In combination with the function of magnetic wall for sticker notes, the glass board even has a positive influence on organizing your work. Choose a suitable colour variant and change your workplace using a specific element, so that it is just as unique as you are.

glass color light blue
glass ESG safety glass
glass thickness
5 mm
glass dimension
100x100 cm
glass appearance clear glass with a paint coat from a scale of RAL colours
type of fixing hidden mounting
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Glass boards have brought revolution in design of magnetic dry erase boards. They are opening a new view of your presentations and organisation of your work. The uniqueness of glass boards does not only rest on their exceptional modern design with minimalistic look, shine and graceful style, but above all their functionality. Neither you, nor your clients will ever again be distracted by notes’ remnants  from previous presentations. Only due to perfectly glossy surface with exceptional hardness, the pigment from markers will never again permeate into board.

We produce magnetic boards from hardened safety glass with a paint coat from a wide scale of RAL colours which is 4-5 harder than the standard glass, and so they have very long service life. Our dry-erase glass boards are fixed to the wall using a special mounting system, complemented by magnetic fitting without visible bolts. The package set contains all components needed to a undemanding and safe assembly on the wall which can be managed by any handy craftsman.


Data sheet

Druh skla
Bezpečnostné sklo ESG
Appearance of glass
clear glass
stained glass

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